Message From the President

Let Us Each Be the Light for One Another

Jo Ann Howard, President


Have you ever noticed how powerful darkness and light can be on our spirits and even our phsical being?  Our whole demeanor seems to change as the length of daylight decreases.  Have you also noticed that during this pandemic we often feel that we are surrounded by darkness, even when the sun seems to be brightly shining?  For many it seems that they or a friend or family member make more mistakes, become more forgetful and relationships are often strained.  It is at times like this, we each, in our way, need to reach out to those who appear to be struggling.  Sometimes it just takes a phone call, meeting for a cup of coffee or having the patience to listen and not feeling a need to give advice. At other times we need to be sensitive enough to realize what the signals they are giving us and determine how we can help.

This was summed up perfectly in this quote I found on Facebook:  “When a flashlight grows dim or quits working, do you just throw it away? Of course not.  You change the batteries. When people mess up or find themselves in a dark place, do you cast them aside?  Of course not!  You help them change their batteries.  Some need AA…attention and affection; some need AAA…attention, affection and acceptance; some need C…compassion; some need D…direction.  And if they still don’t seem to shine…simply sit with them quietly and share your light.”

And, in a reflection I read about the month of Kislev, that statement is repeated by saying, “The lighting of Chanukah candles is a strong statement of our belief that darkness can be changed to light through our own efforts.”  Let us each be a light to one another!