Message From the President

We Are Grateful to God

Jo Ann Howard, President


Passover has ended and our matzah crumbs have been swept away. Perhaps the song of
Dayeinu is still running through your head. How many gifts God has brought to us…bringing us
out of the land of Egypt, giving us the Sabbath, giving us the Torah, bringing us into the land of
Israel, and making us a holy people.
Recently, I read a version of Dayeinu by Susan Hendler, a Sisterhood member of Temple Beth
Orr in Coral Springs, Florida. Although it was written for Passover, this piece can resonate all
year long. She writes:
We are grateful to God who shows mercy when we face adversity, who has brought us the greatest
gifts of faith, trust and enlightenment through Torah.
If we appreciate the grace harmony, and artistry of nature – Dayeinu
If we embrace the beauty of simplicity – Dayeinu
If we envision the sacred with the ordinary – Dayeinu
If we greet diversity with acceptance – Dayeinu
If we cherish the insightful wisdom of our elders – Dayeinu
If we perform acts of kindness anonymously – Dayeinu
If we nurture the purity creativity, and hope reflected in the eyes of our children – Dayeinu
If we cultivate the positive forces that drive us to a peaceful existence – Dayeinu
If we radiate the spirituality that we internalize from our relationship with God – Dayeinu
Each line of the above writing teaches us a life’s lesson. Start with the first line and take your
time to appreciate it. You might take a walk, drive to the mountains, or sit by a lake, and you’ll
understand what the words truly mean. Don’t rush to internalize all what has been shared in
one day. Perhaps as you go, you will start seeing the world and yourself a little differently.